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If you’re here, there’s one thing we know for sure – you like porn.

So what are you doing to make sure the porn you love keeps getting made?


Making porn is a job like any other. Sometimes it pays really, really well. Other times, not at all. It’s a feast-or-famine business, like most entrepreneurships, and the models you love to watch rely on your support to succeed.


That’s why, if you want to continue seeing authentic, high-quality porn from models you love, you need to show your support for them. There’s a few ways to do that:

Every video you watch from verified models (look for that blue checkmark), supports your favorite model and gives them the ad revenue that was generated from your view.

One of the best ways to support your favorite verified models is to send a tip with our brand-new tip button on a verified model's profile page:

If you’re a person of discerning tastes (which, of course, you are – you’re here on Pornhub, after all), you can also support models by purchasing their premium, downloadable videos.

Those show up on the right-hand side of a model’s profile. They look like this:

All sales are discreet, secure and models get a big cut of the sale. Once you've bought a video look for the "My Orders" page where you can find a link to the now unlocked video with downloads and streaming up to 4K. Be sure to leave a comment and rate the video!


Along with video sales and tips, you can also subscribe to a model's Fan Club, which will give you access to tons of exclusive perks like videos, photos, and even messaging. You pay a fixed monthly fee for access to their exclusive content, which will give models the resources they need to make great new content for you.


Lots of you asked us for a way to browse all of a model’s paid content in one place. That’s why we built Modelhub – the world’s biggest adult marketplace. You now have access to 50,000+ HD/4K videos, from models of all kinds, available for download or streaming.


By choosing content from Modelhub, or to send tips to your favorite models, you’re choosing to directly support the content creators who make what you love to watch.

You’re choosing to put your money directly in the hands of those that deserve it.

You’re choosing to support independent porn creators the world over.

You’re doing the right thing.


Rest a little easier tonight, and show some love to the people who work hard, day in and day out, to keep you satisfied.

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4 months ago
Thank you all for being part of the pornhub community! ♥
10 hours ago
very thankful!! :*
4 days ago
2 weeks ago
thank you)
4 months ago
Thank you so much pornhub! it's obvious you guys go above and beyond to help provide us Amateur Models with the best possible support and never fail to deliver amazing customer service! Thank you all for being part of the pornhub community! 
2 weeks ago
This Pornhub community is tremendous.
1 month ago
Totally agreeable! These are the things and the community itself which makes me love pornhub so much, there are so much wonderful and awesome people on here, not just talking about the content creators but also lots of the fans, viewers and friends, never expected people on a platform like this to be so kind when I started out several years ago -xXx-
2 months ago
Love this community!
4 months ago
A little game I like to call "Just The TIP"
3 months ago
True that
4 months ago
#metoo ❤️
4 months ago
One of my favorite phrases O_O
4 months ago
Its great having a tip button and offering videos for sale but what about featuring only videos which have been uploaded by verified members ?  There are too many videos on here just stolen and uploaded they are rewarded with being featured so why not just feature videos from verified members that would help people more than anything you could do. 
4 days ago
Amen girl! I love that idea
2 months ago
Yes that is a great idea
2 months ago
I second this!
4 months ago
We love the Tip Feature! It’s helping us get a laptop so we can do Skype Shows as requested by our viewers! So excited about it! THANXXX PORNHUB!!!
3 months ago
Huh not bad at all I have to do something for easy money!